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Top Web Development Tools You Should Know

Top Web Development Tools You Should Know

Top Web Development Tools You Should Know

Web Designers are the leading IT professionals who are paying high pay scale in IT industry. At present, the web design professionals are having the huge job opportunity in MNC companies. For the fresher’s who are interested in starting their career in IT industry, they can join in Web Designing Course in Chennai. There are some of the web development tools for web designers for building the websites easily.

CSS Preprocessors

CSS is the easy to write the code and it is easy to understand. If your project is larger, you have to manage the multiple style sheets to handle the different CSS lines. This has covered the CSS preprocessors for several times in the past. Those who are new to the nutshell, CSS preprocessor allows us to write the CSS in programming with variables and Functions which are compiled into the browser compliant CSS format. BY reusing the CSS properties with the rules such as @extend and @include. There are several numbers of preprocessors like Sass, LESS, Stylus, and Myth.

Template Engine

Creating the similar static HTML page is simple. Maintaining the multiple HTML pages in the project is so difficult to handle them. Most of the pages will share the same components such as Header, Sidebar, and Footer. For learning this tools in web designing, join in Web Designing Training in Chennai. By modifying something in the sidebar, makes the modification in other pages, one by one or using the Template Engine.

Many of the template Engines are using such as Kit, Jade, and Handlebars. Each one of you is writing the own conventions and for instance the variables and import capability which are declared with the simple HTML comment tag.

For more complex projects, the JADE and Handlebars are upgraded with a lot of robust features. For building the scalable static website, you must take the advantages of template design.

Task Runner

The process of building the website is repetitive. Some of the things will often do in our projects are Minification, compilation, unit testing, Linting, concatenating Files and Browser Refreshing. They can be automated using the Task Runner, such as Grunt and Gulp. By writing the Grunt tasks and saving the file in the name of Gruntfile.js. Now they are automating anything with Grunt by using the plug-ins.

Synchronized testing tool

This is the tool which is used for building the mobile optimized website. Many of the devices are used to test your websites then you need the Synchronized Testing. To become an expert in Web Designing and placed in top MNC companies, join in Web Designing Courses in Chennai at FITAACADEMY. This makes you test the website in multiple devices at a time. Interactions like Clicking and Scrolling are reflected across all the tested devices at the same time, this will save you without any repetitive action. For doing this tool, there are tools like Grunt plug-in are called as Browser Sync and GUI application is called Ghost lab.

Development Toolkit

Development Toolkit makes all the tools to integrate into one application. If you aren’t comfortable with the text-based setting in Grunt, a GUI application will be the better tool.

I hope this article will provide you the information about the top web development tools and for more interesting articles about Web designing, stay connected with us!

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