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Hadoop and Apache Spark – Ruling the tech world

Hadoop and Apache Spark – Ruling the tech world

Hadoop and Apache Spark – Ruling the tech world

It is very exciting to be updated with new technology when there is a talk about the current trend in the technology world Big data Hadoop stands first in the IT industry. Hadoop Training in Chennai has been in great demand due to its achievement for many challenging activities. After Apache Spark launch, the demand for the technology has been increased. Let us discuss which one is the high demandable software is in the current technology. Technology trend is changing at every minute and when we talk about making jobs, Big Data stands first in creating more jobs in the software industry. Spark and Hadoop are the foremost open source frameworks used widely in big data technologies.

Due to the requirement of handling the vast amount of data, most of the organizations are ready to handle it. Big Data technology helps to handle, manage and store the huge amount of data whereas Spark helps in processing the data.

Why Hadoop?

To speed up data Big data technology helps widely as an open source framework for data architects.  It helps in finding the various businesses where the excellent result can expect from this powerful technology. Undoubtedly, Big Data serves as the stepping stone for many organizations that object to increase Big data to improve their business. Big Data Training in Chennai is the best place for students who are interested to learn Big Data Hadoop technology. HDFS, Map-reduce, Apache Hive and extra various concepts will be learning in the Hadoop course. Be strong in technology wise as it is important to learn the next level called Apache Spark

Why Apache Spark?

After getting enough knowledge in Hadoop, it’s the time to learn Apache Spark. This technology is helping to interface easily with the assistance of memory feature to analyze data in the better way. Data analyst makes use of this technology on SQL or machine learning or data streaming. It occupies an excellent place in the world of Big Data since it concentrates on shortcomings of Hadoop. Thus learning Apache Spark is essential for the enhancement of career growth.  Both Hadoop and Spark are work for the betterment of organizations, most of the software industries are hiring candidates who are highly talented in both domain.

Certifications are not mandatory to explore your career but it indirectly helps in two different ways. The first way, choosing the course to get certification helps to find the area of interest so that you can continue to become a master in the domain. The second way, though the certifications it assists you to get a good job. Thus, it is always better to have a Big Data Training in Velachery certification in the course which you are interested to shine in your career.

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