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Glance of Android

Glance of Android

Our world is expanding with the power of technology. As the technology increases, users also get increased day by day. This creates the urge for the user to use technology starting from handset to computers. Mobile being a widespread technology helps us to make the call, play games, and send messages. And ahs eventually became part of everyone’s life. With the improvement of new technology, the software also began to develop. Our Android Training in Chennai provides you with the best training for android.

What is Android?

In the last 15 years, an operating system has developed, from basic mobile to smart phones. The mobile operating system has greatly evolved in this century. One of the most prominent usable operating system in this generation is Android. Android was developed by Google. Initially, it was developed by Android.inc, later it was brought by Google.

Android is an application that supports many other applications. This makes the life of the user more comfortable. ARM architecture platform is supported by the hardware of the android. Android store is the place where we can get the software. It allows the user to use the downloadable version of the third-party. The market contains more than 2 lakhs and more games, widgets, and applications for the users to use.

This type of android applications is written in java programming language. Android acts as an open source to develop applications that can be purchased in the android market. More than 200000 applications are being developed for the android with more than 3.3 billion+ download. For the services like memory management, network stack, driver model and security, android replies on Linux version 2.6 for core system services.


The basic one or more application components together form the whole android application.

Each application components are programmed to do various different operations and the activation of each component is individual.

The manifest file declares all the components in an application.


Dalvik virtual machine

Optimized graphics

Media support

Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G, and Wi-Fi

Rich development environment

Application framework

Integrated browser


GSM Telephony

Camera, GPS, compass, and accelerometer

From an android website, the developers can download Android software development kit (SDK) to use. The SDK include sample code, tools required and relevant documents to create the android application.

The latest version of android is Android 7.0 “Nougat”.

How to upgrade android app

The backup option is turned on

Open device’s Settings

Scroll to about phone

 Tap to open

Tap System updates option

Check now

Tap Restart and install.

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