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Beginners Programmer’s Guide to JAVA

Beginners Programmer’s Guide to JAVA

Beginners Programmer’s Guide to JAVA

Java was invented by James Gosling in the year 1991 at Sun Microsystems. Initially, it was named as “Oak” and in 1995 it was renamed as “JAVA”. Java Programming language is originated from C and C++ language. The problem in C++ program is not platform independent to overcome this major problem Gosling found Java which is portable to run on any cross-platform language.  After the evolution of the web, Java language is the first and foremost language used for computer design. Even web too has a high demand for portable programs. Java Training in Chennai is the best choice to take your career to the next level. Here is the beginner’s guide to Java.

How Java relates to C++ and C

Entire Java language is derived from C and C++ programming. Java syntax is originated from C language. Java Object Model is adapted from C++. There are various reason that why Java relates to C and C++ since most of the programmers are familiar with C/C++ so it becomes easy to learn Java and vice versa. Java language offers Powerful programming environment that gives the best past and adds extra features that are needed by online environment. Java has not enhanced version of C++, it was influenced by C++. Keep in mind that Java is not designed to replace C++. It is just created to solve certain problems.

Contribution of Java to the Internet

Java is considered as the forefront of programming and the effect of Java has simplified the web development through the innovation called “Applet” that has totally changed web programming. Also, Java points out the thorniest issues with the web that may include security and portability.


Encapsulation in Java keeps secure from misuse and interference. It is the process of wrapping the variables, code, method combine as a single unit. It is the major concept in OOPS.


Polymorphism is the characteristic of assigning different meaning to different contexts. Especially that allows an entity like variable, object, function to more than one form.

Currently, Java programmer is in high demand in the market and this is the reason for Java Training in most of the training institutes and it stood first in the top programming languages even though many programming languages have evolved in the software industry. If you are a professional Java programmer, there are many opportunities are waiting to enhance your career. Explore more in Java through Java Course in Chennai.

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