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Why choose oracle?

Why choose oracle?

oracle training in Chennai Oracle is known to be the world largest software company and there are convincing reasons behind this statement. Oracle has many features and advantages which makes it popular and there are many updates to its present applications and also there are many new applications which are launched. Oracle has spread its wing across majority of the IT services and like cloud, DBA, data warehousing etc. Oracle training in Chennai brings to our knowledge that whenever a new product is launched oracle releases a documentation which would clearly state all the new features in the application. This is the reason Oracle is the software leader in the world.

The feature stated below makes Oracle the best in the software industry.

  • Atomicity

When a specific transaction is accepted or rolled back a result would be reflected. This is called as atomicity. This is very important for ease of work for the developers or the operators.

  • Consistency

The database is transferred from one state to another state and is valid a state. Here illegal transactions are filtered out and are restricted. According to oracle training institute in Chennai integration constraint is strictly taken to consideration and if these are not satisfied then the transaction is rolled out.

  • Isolation

While using the database the security is very high and taken a special care off. Here one transaction is not shown to the other unless and until the whole transaction is completed. So that the transactions are not overlapped and security is maintained.

  • Durability

Once the transaction is successful then the data is stored in the database for whole lifetime. These data can be backup this is very safe and the data is protected. This should be back up as there can be can be media failures or system failure. This ensures the safety of data.

One of the main advantages of using oracle over other database management system is that recently oracle launched the concept of flashback technology. This technology helps in recovering the lost data at very fast pace and this data could have been lost by various factor like human error,

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