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What programming language I should learn?

What programming language I should learn?

What programming language I should learn?

For creating and building the web applications you need to learn the JavaScript, PHP, HTML, SQL and CSS. You can learn the enough of each of these languages to write the basic web application. It is the language which runs on the web server. It is also the language you have the chance to shift from this language to the other language. PHP Training in Chennai offers the well trained IT professionals as trainers. Most of the people around 99% are learning the SQL to talk to the database and very few are learning the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

PHP is the first server language to write out the web applications and why you should learn PHP is:

  • Many of the large and small websites like Facebook and Mediawiki are written in PHP.
  • WordPress is the World’s most popular open source blog is written in the PHP. PHP makes you contribute to the community. PHP Course in Chennai offers the placements in top IT Companies. This is used by the eBay, Yahoo and Digg, The wall Street Journal, Techcrunch, TMZ with the whole of WordPress.com is written in PHP.
  • PHP Community is totally different from the Ruby on Rails Community.
  • Best Content Management Systems are written in PHP programming.
  • All the web developers can easily understand the PHP, even though some don’t realize it.
  • By learning the Java it suits better to launch the spacecraft and running systems that control the oil rigs or banking software than web applications. It is also a harder to learn the commercial language and it is object oriented language.
  • Oracle has owned the commercial language which will continue to stuff the making things seem harder than they are and claiming the answer to the problem created in the mind.
  • Don’t learn.NET because it’s also a commercial language which is made by the Microsoft.
  • Ruby and Perl is less popular than PHP and even though it is used to power Twitter.
  • Some of them have specific advantages like parallelism being a pure object oriented language or being compact. In fact, the combination of PHP and JavaScript will give the 99.9% of what offer all these languages.

By learning the HTML without learning the CSS are no use and vice versa. The HTML is not too useful without this CSS. PHP Training institute in Chennai follows the unique teaching methodology. HTML tells the browser about the structure and content of the page in the website. PHP Training institute in Chennai at FITA is the best training institute in Chennai. CSS tells the browser how to make the page look and feel appearance with the use of different fonts, size, thick borders, padding, and margins. PHP is the best programming language to learn for the beginners and for the professionals too.

I hope this article makes you know about the best programming language to learn.

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