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Web Designing- Introduction

Web Designing- Introduction


Web designing course in ChennaiWeb designing is the process by which we can design our website with our needs in order to promote our products. Each and every product or services needs a website to promote their services effectively through internet. The website is of two types which is static and dynamic. The static page is constant whereas in the dynamic page we can make changes to our website. There are various scripting language that can be used in designing a website whereas HTML is the most important language. Nowadays there are various templates available through which we can build our website.

The HTML is abbreviated as Hyper Text Markup Language which has special tags in it. The tags are opened and closed in angled brackets. We can link to other pages from our website by using a special tag. CSS is abbreviated as Cascading Style Sheet which determines how the elements of HTML will be displayed in the screen. The HTML combined with CSS will make the website very attractive will he taught in web designing courses in chennai

 The advanced form of HTML is HTML5 which is user friendly and mainly for mobile compatibility. The tags like hyperlink tag, header tag, ordered list tag, unordered list tag can be used effectively in the web designing course in Chennai. The main heading should be given in the heading tag h1 as it plays a essential role in the SEO process. Even though the website is created effectively there is a need to do SEO to a site in order to bring the website to bring at the top page of the search results. To promote the product in a best way the purpose of seo is very important. There are various heading tag from h1 to h6. The PHP code can also be used in the web designing process. In HTML we have the option of using the stong and div tag.

The web designing training in Chennai offers detailed knowledge about the web designing  course. You can get more practical knowledge about the web designing course as the lab facility in our institute are unlimited. The students from FITA are placed in top companies and there is 100% placement opportunity.

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