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Opportunities in data management with hadoop.

Opportunities in data management with hadoop.

There are millions of videos, images and texts in form of content or blog which is uploaded on the web through the websites like YouTube, Facebook, twitter, yahoo etc. Ever wondered where this data goes? This data is stored in the database and with the help of this data only these companies make data driven decisions which is helping them to fetch huge amount of profits. According to big data training in Chennai this enormous amount of data is termed as BIG DATA. The process of analyzing the data and arriving to a decision is called as big data analysis. Hadoop is one such tool which is used to analyze the big data and it is one of the most effective cloud based analytics tool preferred by companies like Facebook, Google, yahoo etc.  Haddop takes of their data management completely and any company which wants to get benefitted from big data analysis can go for hadoop as it fetches those results.

What is hadoop?

Back in 2005 Doug Reed Cutting and Mike Cafarella created hadoop these two people were excellent computer scientist. With their expertise they developed a cloud based big data analysis system which was named as hadoop. As informed in hadoop training in Chennai the reason behind the name hadoop is that Doug’s daughter had a baby elephant soft toy named hadoop, so the dup adopted the name. Hadoop is now being managed by Apache software Foundation. In 2006 Yahoo! appointed a dedicated team to develop hadoop even better; this was possible after Doug joined hadoop in the year 2006.

Why hadoop is in demand?

As per Allied Market Research they have estimated that by the year 2020 hadoop will rise to $16.1 billion industry. This is predicted because the major players like amazon, Facebook, Google, cloudera are relying on hadoop for their data management.

Another major reason behind this phenomenal success of hadoop is that it is open source and the installation process is very cost effective and easy. This makes hadoop very convenient for the companies to use hadoop. It is very efficient at handling node failures and data replications and hadoop does all the hard work on the user’s behalf.

Gradually the demand for hadoop is gaining ad apart from IT companies, big data is being used in FMCG, retail, hospitals etc. After completing big data hadoop training in Chennai it will improve the professional career of the hadoop professionals and this indicates that hadoop professionals have sure short bright future.

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