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6 PHP interview questions.

6 PHP interview questions.

PHP training in Chennai6 basic PHP interview questions.

I have complied 6 set of basic questions which can be asked in the interview and these questions can be helpful for the fresher who are hunting for a job. These interview questions are very basic and those who have done PHP training in Chennai would be able to answer this effectively and they can get their job.

1­­)  What is PHP?

Whenever you attend the interview the interviewer would first check your concepts. If you a applying for the post of PHP developer and if you don’t know what PHP is, then you are straight away rejected. Coming to the answer, PHP is a scripting language which is on the server side.. A website can be easily created using one of the many frameworks and CMS. PHP is generally known as object oriented programming language, which is widely used around the globe. According to PHP training institute in Chennai, they said even face book uses PHP so the reliability factor is eliminated. PHP is very easy to learn.

2) Why is “echo” used in PHP?

“echo” is used in PHP to print a certain data on to the web page. All the efforts which are put up by the developer is reflected by using this tag only. The coding for this is <?php echo ‘your content’; ?>

3)  What function should be used to include a file page in PHP?

According to PHP course in Chennai, by using this function we should be able to include a file page in PHP, “include()” or “require()”, this function should be used along with the file path as its parameter.

4) What is the main difference between include and require in PHP?

An error caused by a file is not found in require() is more fatal than include(); because in require() there will be a halt in the execution if there is a fault in the file not found, whereas in include() it will throw a warning message , but still the execution will be continued.

5) What is the difference between GET and POST methods in PHP?

These terms are mainly related to data. In GET method we can send a maximum of 1024 bytes  but in POST method we can transfer a larger amount of data than GET, however POST is more secured method and PHP training Chennai uses POST.

6) Give an example of how one can declare an array in php?

One can declare an array in PHP by simply using this function.

var $arr = array(‘yourcontent’, ‘content’, ‘content1’);

The above set of questions was asked by the best PHP institutes in Chennai.

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