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Yearly Archives: 2016

SEO Training in Chennai

Search Engine Optimization is one of the strategies that are used in the digital marketing. The ultimate aim of SEO is to bring the website at the top position of the search results. The two main techniques are involved in the SEO process such as the on page optimization and off page optimization. The SEO…

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Opportunities in data management with hadoop.

There are millions of videos, images and texts in form of content or blog which is uploaded on the web through the websites like YouTube, Facebook, twitter, yahoo etc. Ever wondered where this data goes? This data is stored in the database and with the help of this data only these companies make data driven…

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Why choose oracle?

Oracle is known to be the world largest software company and there are convincing reasons behind this statement. Oracle has many features and advantages which makes it popular and there are many updates to its present applications and also there are many new applications which are launched. Oracle has spread its wing across majority of…

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Benefits of Angularjs Training in Chennai

AngularJS are mainly to develop a dynamic web application; it is an open source application framework and it was developed in the year of 2009, at present it was maintained by Google. In recent version of angular JS is 1.4.3. This is mainly helping to increase the loading speed of content in the web page;…

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Web Designing- Introduction

  Web designing is the process by which we can design our website with our needs in order to promote our products. Each and every product or services needs a website to promote their services effectively through internet. The website is of two types which is static and dynamic. The static page is constant whereas…

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AngularJs- a lookup

AngularJs- a lookup. AngularJs was developed so that the developers can create dynamic web applications; angularJs is an open source structural framework. The sole purpose of angularJs training is to overcome the difficulties which were faced by the developers while creating single page apps.  AngularJs can use HTML as the template language so by default…

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6 PHP interview questions.

6 basic PHP interview questions. I have complied 6 set of basic questions which can be asked in the interview and these questions can be helpful for the fresher who are hunting for a job. These interview questions are very basic and those who have done PHP training in Chennai would be able to answer…

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